Be Your Higher Self

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Be Your Higher Self provides a simple and frank ‘how to’ guide on self-help, spirituality and the esoteric. Something that anybody could pick up and read - the ‘clip’ notes to the books and subjects that most of us want to know about are all in one place.

With so many self-help books on so many subjects, it’s hard to know where to begin and that is why this book is different. For the first time, everything you need to know is in one place.

We all wish to make sense of our place in the world, but often from a skewed perspective that only allows us a glimpse of our true potential. Each of us wishes for fulfilment, happiness and growth in our lives, but meet obstacles that prevent us from attaining this, and there is little in the form of practical and easy to understand answers to these life questions. Now with this book - you can.

Be Your Higher Self will provide you with all you need to know on The Spirit World, the Chakras, Karma, the Age of Aquarius, the Ego and even the importance of love. It encourages readers to keep a journal to record their own spiritual journey as they progress through the book.


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“He will be known throughout the lands. A hero. A brave warrior.

A kid with a great destiny. A boy beyond human.”


Max Kendall is an adventure seeking boy, who lives an isolated life on a barren, climate ravaged quarantine zone, along with his father William, a famous scientist and creator of androids, determined to find a cure for the cause of their rebellion against mankind, who have come to depend on them for survival, but now spell certain doom.


When they discover Adam, a faceless android boy, they realise that he harbours the cure that could end the rebellion but must survive being marooned in the hostile rebel quarantine, evading the dreaded Military General Hayward, intent on destroying all Androids.


Max soon discovers things are even more complicated, as Adam's origins and his own are closely intertwined, holding the key to his own destiny and the secrets to his father's darker legacy - a destiny that will unite human and android and prevent the end of mankind on Earth.

Fix Your Depression & Anxiety

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Having depression and anxiety is like being isolated in a very dark place that few people understand or can identify with. 
The easy solution is often antidepressants which leave sufferers feeling detached, unable to live a normal productive life and much worse off. 

This novella illustrates how the overstimulated ego is the cause of this mental illness and with the use of safe, simple and practical techniques such as balancing the ego, meditation, eating correctly and learning to love yourself - you can heal. 

Within YOU lies the means to heal and now with this book you can.

A Time Honoured Killing

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Rookie Scotland Yard detective, Nick Shankar commits perjury before a Police Inquiry to cover up corruption and murder to further his own ambition.
His first case is the high profile murder of a forbidden and secret ex-lover, Adilaah Khan, daughter of wealthy and politically powerful Islamic leader, Mahmoud Khan - a mentor and father-figure to Nick.
Nick discovers that he is a pawn in a deadly conspiracy that involves perverting the course of justice and framing an innocent man to protect family status and honour.
As Nick is haunted by the memory of his love for Adilaah, he must choose whether to further his own corrupt ambitions by concealing the truth or redeem his morality by exposing it.

©2020 by Samesh Ramjattan